• Joe Jacobi

    Joe Jacobi

    Olympic Gold Medalist, Performance Coach, & Author helping leaders & teams perform their best without compromising their lives. https://www.amazon.com/gp/produc

  • prashant sah

    prashant sah

  • Melissa Flowers Hill

    Melissa Flowers Hill

  • Neera Mahajan

    Neera Mahajan

    Blogger | Author | Authorpreneur | Book Coach | Write Your Book With Me In 30 Days

  • Tom Finley

    Tom Finley

  • Alexandra Amidon

    Alexandra Amidon

    Data scientist working in the financial services industry

  • Cristo López, PhD

    Cristo López, PhD

    I dream, think, and create, then write about it all with an open heart | American living & writing full-time in Monterrey, Mexico |

  • kathryn walker

    kathryn walker

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